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Indoor Storage in the Highlands

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Storage Inverness - Storage for personal, household items and furniture

Storage Inverness store to doorStorage Inverness provides a comprehensive storage service for personal and household storage. Selling your home, moving house, moving away, going abroad or off on a gap year are only some of the reasons people have found Storage Inverness helpful. Everyone has their own unique needs, thats why Storage Inverness operates a flexible, easy to use storage service that will accommodate every need.

Selling your home

Having made the decision to move house, most people want to sell their house as quickly as possible. Industry experts all agree that one of the prime factors in selling a property quickly is ensuring it is de-cluttered.

Your estate agent will be able to offer advice on the best way to de-clutter your property. It involves removing some of the personal items and possibly some furnishings to make the house look more open and larger. This helps buyers to visualise their own furnishings in the space and help to tempt potential buyers.

Secure indoor storage

Storage Inverness store to door loadingStorage Inverness offers safe secure indoor storage for your personal and household items. Purpose designed to ensure everything brought to the store leaves exactly as it arrived, regardless of the length of stay. Storage Inverness provides flexible storage that will grow and shrink as your storage needs change. Inside the store the environment is cool in summer and warm in winter, ensuring the temperature of your stored items remains fairly constant so you can rest assured everything you store is in the safest hands.

Conveniently located close to the centre of Inverness, Storage Inverness is a modern storage facility designed with you in mind and built to the highest standard. What's more, insurance is included.

Getting to store

Storage is only part of the picture, you should give consideration to how you get to and from the store. To make it as easy and flexible as possible for our customers there are four options available to help you get in and out of store.

  • Storage Inverness store to door driveYou can use your own transport or hire van
  • For a more relaxed approach, our experienced removal team will load or unload the containers for you at your home
  • If you are moving from outside the area, then we are happy to work with a 3rd party removal company of your choice

Get a quote

If you are about to put your house on the market, have a sale agreed or are somewhere in between, its never too early to find out about storage. Use our convenient form to request a quote here or give the office a call on 01463 710107. We look forward to being of assistance.