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Storage Inverness - Document storage solutions

Storage Inverness document delivery to officeWhether you need to are comply legislation, want to free-up essential office space, then our document storage solution provides a realistic alternative to managing documents internally. Storage Inverness will help you de-clutter and reclaim that valuable office space, safe in the knowledge that files can be delivered to you with a quick phone call or email.

Look at some of the benefits

  • save space in your office with a cost-effective alternative
  • save time searching old files, we deliver requested files within hours
  • short-term or long term storage to suit your needs
  • flexible easy-in easy-out terms
  • peace of mind with secure facility monitored by CCTV and local response alarm
  • destruction service available on request
  • you will only pay for the space you need
  • if your archiving requirements grow, extra space is available without seeking extra office space

Storage Inverness document office customersWhether you have a couple of dozens boxes or hundred of boxes to store the Storage Inverness will help you. Documents are stored securely in dedicated document storage with strict access controls. Using document storage in Inverness and the Highlands can save you time, money and energy.

Save Time - a single phone call will arrange for the delivery of the File you want, often within hours, no searching through boxes of documents.

Save Money - no need to rent office space or invest in cabinets to store documents. And, what's more, you only pay for the files you store, so no need to worry about having enough space.

Improve Security - hopefully, it will never happen, but what if a break-in, fire, burst pipe damages valuable files? Our secure purpose designed store gives you peace of mind.

Save Energy - no need to heat or light a room only for storing documents.

Increase Productivity - having a clearer work-space will help improve productivity, no more boxes of files to manoeuvre around. Your team will no longer need to handle heavy boxes of documents making for a safer and happier work environment.

Ensure Privacy - our facility is secure and not open to anyone outside the company. We also offer a shredding service when your files are no longer required.

Save Time and Money - by using our low cost, flexible document storage solutions for Inverness and the Highlands.

In addition to standard document storage then there are a number of additional options available to you.

Inventory - Your document inventory can be catalogued and managed for you, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Retrieval - When you need a document then one simple phone call will ensure that the document is speedily delivered to your office, often within hours.

Destruction - Documents that are no longer needed can be securely destroyed with our industrial shredder. The shredded paper is then taken for recycling.

If you need to store documents for your business, then considering a document storage solution with Storage Inverness will make it an easy and simple option for your business. To find out more, complete the quotation form here or give us a call on 01463 710107.