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Storage Inverness - Common questions

Here are some common questions that customers ask. If your question is not answered here, then please use the contact form to submit a specific question here. If you prefer, you can ask your question directly by calling 01463 710107 for an immediate answer.

There is no minimum period that you must stay in store. You can come in overnight, if you wish. We regularly have people in store for only a few days.

To cover the cost of administration then billing is conducted with a one-month minimum. Once the first month is past then your bill will be adjusted pro-rata to the nearest week. So if you are in the store for five weeks, you only pay for five weeks.

When you first move into the store, then we ask you to sign a storage agreement. This agreement outlines our terms and conditions and the monthly payment. The storage agreement continues for as long as you wish to remain in the store. A copy of the storage agreement will be given to you for your own records.

There is nothing onerous in this agreement. It outlines the terms under which storage is offered, lists some items that cannot be stored, and what action will be taken in the event of payments for storage falling into arrears. The agreement also covers access information.

You can move into the store immediately. All we need to do is complete the storage agreement and the direct debit mandate. Then, you can occupy your storage space.

In the event that you wish to book our transport, then we advise advanced booking. This avoids disappointment once you know the date of your move then book it with us to avoid disappointment as transport is offered first come first booked. Normally one week ahead is enough, though you are advised to book as soon as you have a date, especially in busy periods.

There is no need to book in advance, just give us a call and we will arrange storage space straight away. It is always advisable to book ahead, especially at busy periods. During peak moving days it can get busy moving in and out of store. Booking ahead will ensure we are aware of your chosen dates and have storage units and transport available for you.

You can stay as long as you need storage and continue to pay monthly. Some of our customer have been with us for many years. Our system is also flexible enough to offer more storage when you need it and less once your move is completed, should you wish to keep some items in store to make the move easier.

There are a number of flexible storage options available to you whether you are in Inverness itself or in the Highlands. Our primary storage for your home and personal items is inside our purpose-designed building. Within the building we utilise containers made for the purpose of storing everything from your home. This brings flexibility to the store and ensures that you only pay for the storage volume you need.

We guarantee your furniture and personal items will leave the store in the same condition they arrived. We can do this because, our building is free from the extremes of temperature and condensation that can have an adverse impact on your personal items.

There are three different ways that you can get everything you need to store.

- You can bring goods in yourself if you have or wish to hire transport.

- You can take advantage of our "full service" removals where we do everything for you whether you are moving around the corner, around the UK or around the world.

Each of our internal storage units is 250 cu ft. They are of wooden construction, allowing your furniture and personal items to breathe. The dimensions are 5 feet wide, 7 feet high and 7 feet deep (front to back). In metric terms the units hold just over 7 cu metres. We also have an area of the store where we keep outsized items such as ladders or items of furniture that are too big for the containers.

To put these dimensions in perspective, 2 units will take the furniture and personal items from a fully furnished 2 bedroom house, including white goods.

Your personal items and furniture are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, while in the store. Each of our storage units has £1000 of liability as standard, we find this suits the majority of our customers. Should you require a higher level of cover, then we can arrange this for you. Should a higher level of cover be required then let us know when you arrive at the store. There is a single item limit of £5000 on the liability that is offered on an indemnity basis.

Yes indeed. It is not uncommon for dates to change. There is no charge for changes or cancellations. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible to minimise the potential imapct on other customers.

You can access your stored items any time we are open, as often as you wish. The store is open at the following times.

Monday       0800-1700.

Tuesday      0800-1700.

Wednesday   0800-1700.

Thursday     0800-1700.

Friday        0800-1700.

Saturday      0800-1200

Sunday      Closed.

Condensation and temperature extremes are common problems associated with storing furniture outside in shipping containers or lock-up garage style units. These issues are totally eliminated in our purpose-designed store.

The store is specifically designed to prevent any dampness or condensation affecting your furniture. Further the store also maintains a relatively stable ambient temperature preventing damage from extremes of temperature. For this reason, we are able to guarantee that everything you store with us will leave in exactly the same condition it entered the store.

The Inverness store is specifically designed to maintain a fairly constant ambient temperature throughout the year. This is achieved through building design and insulation rather than the use of heating or air conditioning. The result is that condensation and the associated dampness that can lead to the deterioration of furnishings eliminated. With a stable ambient temperature then items are protected from the extremes of temperature.

When you move into the store we ask you to complete a direct debit mandate. This mandate is then used to set up a direct debit for a regular monthly payment from your account. It takes around 10 days to establish a direct debit from coming to the store. When you leave store, we will cancel the direct debit at the next processing date.

You are protected by the direct debit guarantee. More details of the terms of direct debits and your rights are available here.

No deposit is required. When you come into the store we will ask you to complete a direct debate mandate for a regular payment. Once set up, the direct debit will be taken on the same day each month until you leave storage.

There is always a wide range of packing materials available at our Inverness store. You will find packing boxes, bubble-wrap, china paper, and tape. Our friendly, helpful team are always on hand to provide expert information on packing and transport when you move in to storage in Inverness. Details of packing materials are available here.

Should you wish to purchase any packing materials, then call into our Inverness store during our normal opening times Monday to Saturday.

Yes, we are able to provide an uplift and delivery service for goods moving into and out of the store. This service is available throughout Inverness and the Highlands. We are also able to offer uplift and delivery to other parts of the UK through a 3rd party. For a full quotation, then please contact us directly.

If you are a business, whether you are in Inverness area not, then you can benefit from a range of commercial and business storage services. Whether you need a full logistics facility covering the Highlands or casual storage for local activities, we can help. Businesses have access to internal and external storage in our purpose-designed store providing a range of services that are flexible enough to match your exact requirements.