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Removals Checklists

They say that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events, so we’ve put together an easy-to-follow moving checklist to help you plan for the big day…

4 Weeks Before…

    • Book the removal date off work.
    • Contact the Post Office and arrange your mail redirection.
    • Contact any utility suppliers, eg. phone, TV, Internet, electricity, gas, heating oil and regular subscription services, and inform them of your new address.
    • Begin de-cluttering the least used rooms/spaces eg loft, gardens, garage and sheds. Start to pack them and begin stacking your
      boxes. The move will now begin to feel more real!
    • Arrange tradesmen to disconnect plumbing and electrical items eg large fridge freezers, cookers, washing machine etc. Also, to
      dismantle/reassemble furniture or to remove/replace windows for larger items, prior to, and, on removal day.

3 Weeks Before…

    • Consider new Dental and GP practices if you are moving away from immediate area.
    • Arrange any child and pet care for the removal day, if necessary.
    • Start to run down the contents of your freezer.
    • Make a sketch plan of your new home to determine the placement of furnishings.
    • Think about new curtains/blinds/poles.
    • Transfer insurance to cover contents at your new home.
    • Complete packing of loft, sheds and garages, and then clean away any debris.

2 Weeks Before…

    • Start packing in earnest. Begin with non-essentials eg. books, ornaments, pictures, any other items not regularly used. Write the
      room name and description on the boxes.
    • Begin packing the kitchen – ask yourself what you can manage without for a few weeks. Again, write the name and description
      on the boxes. Mark ‘fragile’ as necessary.
    • Inform friends and family of your new address.
    • If you are currently renting, confirm a final walk-through date with the landlord.

1 Week Before…

    • Organise key exchange timings with your solicitor.
    • Continue your packing and start to bring this process to a close, leaving very little still to do.
    • Drain fuel from lawnmowers and other garden equipment.
    • Dismantle any garden equipment such as children’s toys/slides etc.
    • Do a final de-clutter of anything not being moved. Take to local skip/charity shops.
    • Ensure adequate space for removal vans as close to property as possible.
    • Touch up any paint scuffs, repair any nail holes etc from walls and flooring.
    • Begin final rounds of laundry as close to moving day as practical. (If moving to Storage – start this process sooner and ensure
    • ALL items are completely dry, or you may have damp/mildew build up).

1 Day Before…

    • Your packing should be completed, except for your overnight essentials. Do not pack cash and jewellery, but keep them with
    • Ensure the freezer is completely defrosted.
    • Take down pictures, mirrors, curtains and blinds.
    • Disconnect your washing machine and dishwasher.
    • Dismantle any furniture if this has been arranged.
    • If moving to storage, do a final check to ensure all laundry is completely dry.

On Moving Day…

    • When the Removals Crew arrive, show them around the house and garden/outdoor areas. This will allow them to form a plan for loading the truck
    • Make sure plants are drained of excess water.
    • Make sure you have personally taken cash and jewellery with you to your new home.
    • Take meter readings at your old and new homes.
    • Label keys ready for the new owners.
    • Ensure fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, cooker and dryer are empty and dishes are cleared. Ensure all these appliances are disconnected and unplumbed.
    • Pack a separate box containing kettle, cups, drinks and snacks.
    • Before you leave for the final time, walk round your entire house and grounds with the Removals Crew to ensure everything has
      been taken.
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